Details of various ways to participate
in this initiative are detailed below.

Fellowships (TIH)

Faculty fellowships

This scheme is meant for talented and motivated young researchers who have completed their PhD and have adequate background in the subject. The faculty fellows will have an opportunity to spend dedicated time to engage in research in the area.They will also be supported by adequate research funds to build a lab and jump start their work.

PhD fellowships

Select number of PhD students working in the area of data-driven technologies in general will be selected for a 4-year competitive fellowship. The research may be undertaken in TIH or at the host institution or from otherUniversities/Institutions in the country.

Postdoctoral fellowships

A limited number of fellows who after finishing PhD are looking to strengthen their capabilities and gain more experience in the given area will be selected fora postdoctoral fellowship. They will be supported for a maximum of two years that will enable them to pursue their careers in the area whether in academia or industry. All the fellows will be assigned to mentors of their choice (to the extent possible) during their stay at TIH.

Postgraduate (PG) fellowships

One- to two-year (1 to 2 year) fellowships for students in their master’s programme (MS or MTech) programmes will be supported via this program.Students from within IIIT Hyderabad or from other Institutes/Universities will be selected based on applications to receive the fellowship. The fellows who have been selected part of this scheme will be encouraged to visit/work at TIH enabling them better training in the area by the in-house engineers/scientists.

Academic Collaboration (TIH)

Chair professorships

Chair professorship position and associated research fund will be used to encourage and incentivize the involvement of faculty members to dedicate significant amount of their time at TIH.

Visitor Program

A vibrant visiting researchers programme and researchers to be able to take part in conferences/workshops/summer schools is an essential part of a world class research activity. TIH will enable events such as these and to host visitors both from within India and from outside India.

International Visitor Programme

We expect a number of strong international collaborations to be nurtured through this.

National Visitor Programme

We expect a number of researchers in the country visit and collaborate with TIH in various forms.

Visiting Scholar Programme

This programme will host a number of researcher scholars and students from different universities to work on research problems.


New Startup Incubator

The incubator will run startup seeding programmes that will enable startups to work actively with research. The incubator will invite and inspire entrepreneurs to create startups out of research happening at INAI. The focus of seeding will be on translating research in to new startups and transferring research knowledge into existing startups

Researcher Startups

Researcher startups programme will encourage researchers themselves to also consider entrepreneurship. This is an active programme to encourage researchers to become entrepreneurs and support them in their journeys to translate their research into market impact.

Corporate Innovation Co-Creation

This is a programme to engage corporate innovation initiatives to leverage startups and research to co-create specific innovation corporates need, leveraging the research and knowledge at INAI.

Training (TIH)

The skill development part of TIH will include training students, working professionals, domain experts, faculty and entrepreneurs.

These training programs will appropriately include lectures on theory, practical considerations and hands-on sessions to make the recipients capable of utilizing the information received for developing practical solutions as well as training others.