Building foundational AI technologies that catalyse the creation of solutions at a population scale.


Over the last couple of years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed from a technology with potential to a capability of national importance across the world. While AI has the potential to transform a wide range of sectors, adoption till date has been driven primarily from consumer sector. Over the last decade, the first demonstration of AI applications has happened in the consumer Internet space with breakthroughs in computer vision, speech recognition and Natural Language Processing.

The real power of AI, though, lies in its transformative potential to address massive societal challenges and provides a global leadership opportunity for India in creating human-centric, foundational technologies and digital infrastructure that reimagines implementation and delivery in 21st century.

INAI is an initiative to apply AI to population scale problems in the Indian context, combining research and translation. This collaborative effort, championed by Intel and catalyzed by the Government of Telangana, is anchored at IIIT Hyderabad and brings multiple relevant institutions together to work on important problems in the society.

PHFI is the founding healthcare partner. INAI will leverage the broader computing strengths of IIIT-H, the academic expertise in AI at the KCIS, the framework and activities of the TIH on Data Driven Technologies established at IIIT-H, technology/architecture strength of Intel, the public health expertise of PHFI, as well as expertise from other domain and technology players.


High Impact Research for Healthcare & Smart Mobility

To put together a high impact research group focused on solving national-level societal problems around healthcare & smart mobility

Population scale
India datasets

Be a nationally and globally recognized resource center for population scale data sets, with a mechanism to make these available for research & innovation

Tools & Frameworks

Create national scale computing infrastructure, tools, & frameworks to facilitate leading edge AI solution development

Human capacity for Advanced AI

Develop human capacity in advanced AI technologies aimed at solving India specific problems by attracting talented researchers across the world to work at INAI.


Provide an institutional framework to develop advanced algorithms and IP generation around smart mobility & healthcare


The Management Council is the overall governing body for INAI that will provide strategic direction, set high level goals, & provide general overall guidance. The management council will have a Technical Advisory Body to provide technical advice on domain specific topics.

Domain Advisory group: For each domain (Healthcare, Smart Mobility), an advisory group will steer the direction of research, problem statements, projects etc.

Prof. PJ Narayanan


Prof. Deva Priya


Prof. PJ Narayanan

Ms. Nivruti Rai

Mr. Murali


Prof. B. Ravindran