Developing new AI based solutions to make
healthcare accessible for everyone.

For a nation of 1.3B people, health of the citizens is a very critical parameter as India attempts to climb the Income ladder. It is very important to leverage new advances in AI to complement the physical healthcare infrastructure. INAI’s goal in the domain is to develop new AI based technology/solutions that will make it possible to provide quality healthcare to EVERY citizen and also address the ever increasing Non-Communicable disease burden in India.



Scale, Speed, Sensitivity: Genomic Surveillance of Pathogens closer to Point of Care. Understand Genome architecture of the Pathogen/s and identify potential new pathogen/s
Cost-effective diagnosis: Develop cost-effective genetic assay/s for detection/diagnostics Identify genomic hotspots and mutations for upscaling testing and downscaling costing


The focus for Cancer Vertical is to put together Population Scale Cancer datasets for Indian Population and also cost effective screening and diagnostic solutions for a specific cancer types (Ex. Oral Cancer).

PL Dataset

Accurate binding affinity prediction of Protein-Ligand (PL) complexes is of paramount importance in drug discovery. Currently available open PL datasets, example PDBbind, have issues regarding uniformity of data, limited states, & limited size. To address these issues, computational methods are being adopted to calculate the binding affinity of PL complexes uniformly across the dataset, including higher energy states or unbound states. Work is underway to create World’s Largest Open PL Dataset (200K) that will include high energy states for each of these PL complexes. IIITD, Insilco Medicine, Intel and other ecosystem partners are part of this effort.


This is the collection of Screening and Diagnostic Algorithms developed by the Researchers here at the institute.